How to order


following 3 options:



We take cake orders „sur place“ 24hrs in advance in our shop.

For wedding cakes or bigger orders, please order 1 week in advance.

We will need below information from you to confirm the order:


  • Name

  • Phone number

  • Date

  • Type of cake (e.g. genoise vanille, financier)

  • Size of cake/shape

  • Decorfondant or Cream

  • Veg or non Veg

  • Writing to put on top

  • Decoration

  • Colour

  • Pick up date and time

  • Price / advance amount paid


Our staff will help you to fill in the form.

Once you have your receipt copy, please verify all the information to make sure there are no mistakes.

Should you need to make a change afterwards it has to be done at the shop and not over the phone.

When picking up your cake please bring the receipt with you or give it tot he person picking up the cake on your behalf.

Cancellation details and procedures are mentioned on the receipt.




You can walk into the shop and get a ready made cake (depending on availability), we usually have a daily selection of 5 to 10 standard sized (20x30cm or 20x20cm) cakes, some oft hem veg. They range between rs 350 and 500 and do not include any pictures or personalized writing. They have a Happy Birthday Tag optional and a standard flower decor.



For simple orders of standard sized cakes not exceeding rs 1000 you can call us to place the order over the phone one day in advance.

Royal Road B23 - Lallmatie - Mauritius - (+230) 418 2957

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